Explaining the GERM: What is the Global Education Reform Movement?

  • how will I know it when I see it?
  • how is it impacting on my work?

Pasi Sahlberg coined the GERM phrase, and it has caught on internationally as an acronym that, when unpacked, helps identify the critical impact that globalised government policy and ideology has
on the shape and direction of education in most OECD countries.

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand we can see and feel the influence of the GERM on policy decisions made for our teaching and children’s learning.

This video will help everyone involved in education define GERM, identify its impact on teaching and learning at both a workplace and wider system level and start the discussion about how we can be involved in shaping the future of education.

You can also download supporting information (pdf) that includes practical ideas on how you can use these videos to educate and inform.

For more on the GERM see www.pasisahlberg.com/blog