On December 5, more than 1000 educators from primary schools across Christchurch met together and voted to participate in a one day strike on February 19, 2013, unless the Government stops the implementation of its education renewal plan and commits to genuinely engage with communities by the beginning of February.

The plan involve the closure of 13 schools, merger of 18 and the establishment of five new area schools for students from years 1-13.

The December 5 meeting agreed it was time to put the Government on notice to:

STOP the education renewal plan
LOOK at what really works in terms of quality teaching and learning and

LISTEN to educators.
If you would like to know more about why educators decided to strike, please

* Listen to Parkview School teacher John Leadbetter on RNZ’s Nine to Noon show

* Read media coverage at on the Stuff site

You can also visit our Facebook page “Listen to Christchurch” to join conversations about the issue.

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