What’s the issue?

The Government wants to review the current model of school governance known as Tomorrow’s Schools.  This model means schools are “self-managed” by their own Board of Trustees, elected from their parent community.

The facts

In January 2014, the Government established a “Taskforce on Regulations Affecting School Performance” as part of the National-ACT coalition deal. The taskforce has produced a  Taskforce consultation paper for a “short and targeted” consultation and is due to report to the Minister in May.  This suggests potentially major changes to the Education Act are being contemplated.

The Taskforce paper suggests the Government may be looking at changes that include removing the one board/one school model to create “super Boards” that would oversee several schools. It may remove principals from sitting on Boards, and/or from being employed by Boards.

NZEI is opposed to changes that would mean less local community say in key decisions about their school.

Funding changes and the Government’s “Investing in Educational Success” proposals for new “executive principal” and other roles may also effectively change our current system without much debate.

Use a IES Discussion paper LF by noted educationalist Lester Flockton to discuss some the issues with your school community. You can read some concerns expressed by principals here: Appendix – Summary of concerns 28 March 2014