Campaign materials


Download and distribute Stand Up for a Better Plan Poster (A4)

Or a bigger – Stand Up for a Better Plan Poster (A3)

bpDownload and distribute the Better Plan Flier (pdf) petition started by an Auckland parent calling for consultation on the IES initiative – please feel free to link to this from your school newsletter or Facebook page!

Discuss in your school

Download an in-school discussion sheet

Download an action planning sheet

Discuss these questions with your school communities, principals, teachers, support staff and BoTs.

  1. What should be invested in education to support student success?better planning
  2. What are the benefits/ risks of the Government proposals?
    1. What are the potential implications of the Executive Principal (ie 1 “super principal” to 10 schools)?
    2. Can this initiative be seen as a review of school governance by stealth?
    3. What might a cross-sector (ie primary and secondary) cluster look like in your area?
  3. What steps can we take to make sure our school communities are well informed about these initiatives?

You can use the calculator to support your discussions

Better Plan Comparison Calculator